Upsilon Alpha Bobcats

 A Senior Honorary at the University of Arizona


February 22, 1922—by T.D Romero ’22  Upsilon Alpha of Phi Gamma Delta

Bobcats Senior Honorary is an organization that evokes pride, honor, and tradition. Since 1922, 13 outstanding seniors have been chosen each year to continue the legacy of serving the UA by protecting the heritage and traditions of the University. Acceptance into Bobcats is a life-long commitment of support and service to the University and the Bobcats organization

Bobcats have enjoyed a long and rich history being recognized as one of the first and finest organizations on campus. Founded for the purpose of preserving the unity and welfare of the University of Arizona, each one of its 13 members has a strong connection to and pride for their school. Annually, Bobcats help organize Homecoming and Evening of Excellence as well as other community service projects that aim to better the University of Arizona.

Members of Bobcat Senior Honorary are selected on the basis of their scholastic achievement, leadership, university and community involvement and a sincere commitment to the University of Arizona. 


“Eternal Vigilance”


An open, frank, sincere and unbiased group that knows no party lines, harbors no petty jealousies and idolizes the person who has the welfare of the University of Arizona at heart.

Founded for the purpose of preserving the unity and welfare of the University of Arizona by always being alert to guide it in the right direction.

A Bobcat’s first loyalty is to the University of Arizona, therefore “Eternal Vigilance” is their motto.

• We in Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity are proud of our members who were named to Bobcats Honorary either as undergraduates or as a graduate brother listed by Induction Year.
• Upsilon Alpha has inducted, by far, more of its members into Bobcats Senior Honorary than any other organization on campus.  This is a tribute to the leadership qualities of the men in this Fraternity.

Upsilon Alpha Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity- Bobcats Members:

1922 T.D. Romero
1925 Ralph Forch
1926 Roy Pace
1926 Wilber Bowers
1929 William Lott
1930 Col. John D. Striegel
1931 Kenneth Anderson
1934 Frank Losee
1934 Prugh Herndon (Honorary)
1935 Bishop Denton
1941 William H. Puntenney
1942 William H. Daily
1942 Robert Marquis
1942 George A. Wickstrom
1943 William S. Lindamood
1943 Joseph L. Stutte
1944 Neil Christensen
1944 Robert McGeorge
1946 Bruce Bryant
1947 Robert Pickrell
1949 William P. Chandler
1950 James S. Tolley '51
1952 Robert M. Cooney
1952 Robert N. Bailey
1953 William F. Kemmeries
1954 H. Wilson Sundt
1954 Richard E. Coutchie
1954 Charles Leftault
1955 J. Richard Anklam
1955 Harold McNair
1956 Neil Ward
1957 George Drach
1957 Dalton Cole
1958 Alan K. Polley
1958 Dr. Michael G. Hoffman
1958 William F. Alexander
1958 Alvin Baber
1959 Dr. Richard B. Dicus
1959 Larry Barnhill
1959 David Engelman
1959 Boyd Gibbons
1959 Thomas Kennedy
1960 Carl Hazlett
1960 Hon. Gordon T. Alley
1960 Ham McRae
1961 Louis Crowder
1961 Edward Muns
1961 Bonham Richardson
1961 Lloyd Wiborg
1962 Maj. Gen. John A. Renner
1962 Vernon Ellis
1963 Robert Dicus
1963 Charles "Boots" Bergstrom
1964 Robert W. Fifield Jr.
1964 David Payne
1965 Warren Rustand
1965 Thomas Kenan
1966 James Fritsch
1967 David Bonsall
1967 James Webb
1968 James Mauge
1968 Tom Sundeen
1968 John Hileman
1969 John A. Wyss Jr.
1969 Robert C. Swan
1969 Timothy P. Punteney
1969 Carlton Clark
1969 James Puntenney
1970 Bill J. Varney (Honorary)
1970 Dr. Patrick S. Anderson Jr.
1970 David Beaugureau
1971 Dr. James B. Boice
1971 J. Ray Rokey
1971 Steve Mikulic
1972 Dr. Jeffrey C. Derickson
1972 Karl Eller (Honorary)
1972 Stephen M. Pierce
1972 Steven L. Smith
1972 Stephen Todd
1973 Jeffery Martin
1973 Charles Rehling
1973 Craig Ochoa
1973 Derek Schull
1974 Tim Pierson
1974 Dan Montgomery
1974 Marshall Humphrey
1975 Mark W. Folger
1975 Ken Sobel
1975 Morgan A. Lamb
1975 Scott T. Nation
1976 Bruce P. DeAngelis
1976 Christopher J. Cacheris
1976 E. Chris Wootan
1976 James P. Bennett
1977 Charles A. Schneider III
1977 Daniel P. Hoskin
1977 Nick Davison
1978 Douglas E. DeValk
1978 John A. Sivo
1978 Duane Stevens
1979 Michael J. Rider
1979 Scott M. Finical
1980 James P. Curran
1980 Mark Barker
1981 J. Prugh Herndon (Honorary)
1981 Duane Miller (Honorary)
1982 J. Craig Barker
1982 Dr. Curtis J. Dunshee
1983 Michael J. Loumeau
1983 Paul Collins
1983 Philip LaMantia
1984 Alan F. Airth
1984 Andrew R. Pastor
1984 Brendan J. Kelly
1984 Scott Douglas
1985 Jeffrey A. Davidson
1985 John J. Casey
1985 James Kelley
1986 Matthew B. Douglas
1986 Greg Garrett
1987 John G. Mansour III
1987 William F. Stevens Jr.
1987 Shawn Giffin
1988 Dan R. Watkins
1988 Don N. Aquilano
1988 Dr. Robert C. Kersey
1989 Christopher J. Ferkenhoff
1989 Daniel S. Haynes 
1989 Lloyd C. Fox
1990 Eric R. Carmichael
1991 Robert Del Ghiaccio
1993 Christopher B. Stuart
1993 James M. Sakrison (Honorary)
1993 Marc D. Sullivan
1994 Jeffrey R. Shultz
1994 William Reeves (Honorary)
1995 David Areghini (Honorary)
1995 Frederick Fielder (Honorary)
1998 Monte C. Clausen (Honorary)
2001 Gary Munk (Honorary)
2003 Patrick Blake
2004 Patrick Calihan
2004 Vijay Desiraju
2005 Gilbert W. Chester (Honorary)
2005 John W. Rieble
2011 Gary W. Harper (Honorary)
2015 Louis “Buzzard” Sands IV (Honorary)
2020 Bennett J. Adamson
2022 Pouria Mostafizi 
2023 Tobi Adigun 
2023 Bryce Michael 
2024 Adetominwa Oke  
2024 Alec Vendetti 
2024 Taylor Callan

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