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For over one hundred years, Greek life has been a core component of students’ lives at the University of Arizona. Since our inception in 1931, the Upsilon Alpha chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has been at the forefront of this illustrious tradition. Through the pursuit of our five values friendship, knowledge, scholarship, morality, and excellence we have produced some of the finest men that have graced our campus such as Karl Eller (namesake of the Eller College of Management).

The members of Upsilon Alpha continue to strive for excellence like those that preceded us. In the fall 2022 Semester, Upsilon Alpha maintained a 3.416 GPA as a chapter (3rd in the IFC), raised over $30,000 for various local organizations, and logged over 1,800 community service hours for the greater Tucson community. Currently, Upsilon Alpha has the largest fraternity house in the state of Arizona where you can find our brothers shooting hoops on our basketball court, eating a meal provided by our chef, or doing anything else imaginable under the Arizona sun.

While many aspects make Greek life at the University of Arizona great, none are more important than brotherhood. The members of our chapter pride ourselves on creating a bond with one another that will last a lifetime. Our large alumni base provides a plethora of scholarships and networking opportunities. Our older members help the younger guys in adjusting to life in college and with their schoolwork. And for the former varsity athletes that want to relive their glory days such as myself, we provide intramural teams for every sport imaginable.

Becoming a FIJI has been the best decision I’ve made in my college career and I know that I will reap the benefits of it long after I graduate. If you’re interested in learning more about our brotherhood please reach out to our recruitment chairmen Tomiwa Oke at (602-500-2297) or Will Caley at (860-918-9484).

I look forward to meeting you. 

Bear Down

Jack Wherty '24
Upsilon Alpha of Phi Gamma Delta Chapter President