Upsilon Alpha Initiates 27 New Members

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta initiated twenty-seven amazing young men after ten weeks of new member education learning the history of Phi Gamma Delta. During these ten weeks these new members studied the Fraternity's values and how to carry out these values in their daily life. By studying these values we can ensure that these new members upon initiation will be ready to become Fiji gentleman and represent the Fraternity on and off of the college campus for years to come. We are beyond proud of these young men and what they have accomplished in a single semester, achieving a sustainable GPA, reaching 12 service hours each, passing all of there new member education quizzes, and meeting all of their financial obligations. Congratulations to the Gamma Class of 2018 we are so happy to call you our brothers."



Four amazing graduate brothers came down to take part in the initiation process. These men have consistently showed their support of the Fraternity and have made an effort to be at numerous events in support of the Fraternity. Pictured below from left to right, Andrew J. Hayes, Graduate Brother Alpha Sigma 1984, Matt Marino, Graduate Brother Alpha Sigma 1985, Chapter Faculty Advisor, Section Chief XXXIV AZ, Silver Owl, David Martin, Graduate Brother Alpha Sigma 1986, Previous Chapter President, Sire and Son to Merrick Martin, Silver Owl, Paul Tiffany, Graduate Brother Upsilon Alpha 1986, Sire and Son to Nathan Tiffany.