George Drach ’57

George Drach is a 1953 initiate of Phi Gamma Delta. George made may significant contributions to Phi Gamma Delta both during and after his college years. His list of contributions include the Corresponding Secretary for Upsilon Alpha, study hall organizer and mentor, house boy for Fiji and the Kappa House and also was the deacon who encouraged Brothers to pray. He was also in Sophos, Chain Gang and Bobcats, and was the U of AZ 1956-57 Student Body President.

Not only was Brother Drach a valuable member in Phi Gamma Delta, his post college career is monumental. After graduating from the University of Arizona, George received his medical degree from Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio in 1961. He started surgical training for two years and then entered the Navy and served active duty for two years. After serving our country, George jumped back into his medical career and completed one year of fellowship and three years of urology residency. If that isn’t impressive enough, Brother Drach is the author of over 160 journal articles, 37 book chapters and 6 books or monographs. He has conducted major research in urinary stone disease, urinary and prostatic infections, the mechanics of urinary flow change with aging, and geriatric urology. He received the honor of “Father of American Lithotripsy,” a kidney stone treatment.

His leadership track record is impeccable as demonstrated by his service as president for six organizations including Western Section American Urological Association (AUA), the American Board of Urology, the Residency Review Committee for Urology and more. Through these organizations he has received multiple awards and recognitions. For example, George was awarded the AUA Hugh Hampton Young for outstanding contributions to American urology, the AUA Certificate of Lifetime Achievement award and the AUA Research Innovator award.

George is still active as Past Chairman of the Section on Surgery for the American Geriatrics Society and as a Consultant in policies on Geriatric Surgical Education.

Brother Drach honors Fiji for the development of his transition from a busy teenager into a studious college graduate. When in the Tucson area, George’s main contacts are his Fiji brothers.