Al Baber ’58

“I am mighty proud to be a Fiji”, is a motto that Brother Baber epitomizes.

Al attended the University of Arizona and pledged Phi Gamma Delta in the fall of 1954. He was initiated into Upsilon Alpha on February 22nd, 1955. As an undergraduate Brother Baber was house manager. He was also involved with Sophos, Chain Gang, Bobcats, and the Arnold Air Society. Al was named to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Brother Baber earned his BS in Agronomy in 1958 and then his MS in Agronomy in 1959.

After graduation Al joined the United States Air Force where he was a Captain and Transportation Officer for the 322nd Air Division. Brother Baber has worked for the University of California as a farm advisor, E.I. DuPont Co. as research and development manager of agricultural products, and Gowan Co. as field development biologist. Throughout his career Brother Baber has been involved with many different groups. He has been part of the American Society of Agronomists, Entomological Society of Entomologists, American Society of Plant Pathologists, New England Agricultural Chemicals Assn. where he was secretary, and the California Weed Science Society where he was President and Honorary Member. Brother Baber has since retired.

Brother Baber was not only involved with his work but also with his community. He is part of the Presbyterian Church and is also a Commodore for the La Playa Yacht Club. Al is married to Dorothy Lyon Baber and they have two wonderful childreKathryn Ann Tappero (48) and Kenneth Alan Baber (46).

Brother Baber has fond memories of Upsilon Alpha and Phi Gamma Delta. He says that, “Upsilon Alpha was where I met many young men from backgrounds very different than mine. I learned a great deal from them and formed lifelong bonds with many of them. There is still today (50years after graduation) a group of Fiji Brothers from Southern California and Arizona who meet twice each year and say, We are mighty proud to be Fiji’s”.